Top 10 Indian Lifestyle Bloggers-2018


We all tend to look like a fashionista by just being comfortable in our own skin. But it is not that easy as it sounds! There are many lifestyle bloggers out there who strive to catch the fancy of the fashionista in the making. But only a few blogs have it in them to inspire readers with their creative content, unique posts featuring the latest fashion, lifestyle trends, travel ideas, beauty tips and much more. It is what makes these blogs absolutely addictive!

Further, their captivating writing and visually appealing photographs make these blogs a dream destination for anyone out there who wants to upgrade the fashion. These bloggers have expressed the fashion in their way making it super easy and super fun without burning a hole in the pocket. It was an extremely close race between the nominees, however, these bloggers have managed to stay above the crowd and made it to the elite list of “Top 10 lifestyle bloggers in India”.

Shalini Chopra : Stylish By Nature

Shalini Chopra

Hailing from the beautiful garden city – Bengaluru, Shalini Chopra is a woman of many personalities. She is a fashion, beauty and luxury lifestyle blogger, and aims to inspire those who like fashion and wants to embrace the world. Her blog “Stylish By Nature” is touted to be the destination for street style, vintage, design couture collections, and affordable fashion.

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Anuja Pandey & Aashish dubey : Lofty Spectrums

Aashish & Anuja

The brother-sister duo of Aashish Dubey and Anuja Pandey are the creators of the lifestyle blog “Lofty Spectrums” with a focus on fashion, lifestyle and fitness. Anuja is a beauty pageant groomer, curates lifestyle events, fashion consultant and is a content creator for fashion brands. Aashish Dubey is a social entrepreneur and musician at heart. The duo continually keeps on refreshing the blog with interesting and fresh content that appeals to the audience. The blog also talks about the latest vogue in dresses or makeup.

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Archana Dhankar : Fashion For Royals

Archana Dhankar

The author of the blog “Fashion For Royals” Archana Dhankar is born and brought up in Delhi and now lives in London. She juggles a lot of professions; she is a fashion stylist, marketing strategist and blogger. It is the amalgamation of fashion styling knowledge and digital marketing expertise that helped her take the blog to new heights. Archana constantly explores creative combinations to balance her love for Indian culture with the Global aesthetic. “Fashion For Royals” offers inspiration for all those seeking fashion, lifestyle and travel advice.

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Tanya Dhar : Urban Diaries

Tanya Dhar

As the name goes, the blog “Urban Diaries” is a luxury lifestyle site with a motive to capture the beauty from the simple to serene. The blog is composed of personal style, fashion photography, celebrity interviews, food travel and technology. Tanya Dhar is the creative vision behind the creation of the blog. The blog is a cross-cultural platform and aims to inspire with a distinctive combination of interests and shared aesthetics.

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Saily Patre : The Style Cocktail

Saily Patre

Saily Patre is a fashion and travel blogger, visual stylist, content creator and author of the fashion-centric blog “The Style Cocktail”. Her main motto is to inspire and help the readers to lead a beautiful life. Her style is the output of a variety of moods and whims. As indicated by the blog name, her style is a cocktail and ranges from total basics girl, a chic city girl, an urban hipster to downright bohemian. Further, her video stories and storytelling makes her blog a worthy visit.

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Deena Pinto : SkinnyGirlDiariez

Deena Pinto

Deena Pinto was born and brought up in Dubai and now lives in the beautiful city of Bengaluru and runs a quirky lifestyle blog“SkinnyGirlDiariez”. She successfully dons multiple jobs; she is a photographer, assistant, content writer, video editor and quality checker. She also runs a category titled “Stay-Cations” on her blog where she shares her experiences spent at local attractions across the country. Deena leaves her readers awestruck with her stylish obsessions and overall entertaining lifestyle.


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