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Recently special activities have been incorporated with the traditional party as a way of getting everyone involved and help guests to get acquainted. Some popular activities are; Calligraphy, Sketching, and Origami. These projects are not only interesting and fun, but they are easy to set up and clean up afterwards. They are also fairly inexpensive.

Calligraphy – A very useful tool for learning artistic writing is titled; “You Can Do Calligraphy!” by Jim Bennett. It can be found in paperback beside his other work. I was doubtful about the activity at first so my friends and I tried it and found it to be relaxing and fun. We were able to learn a new skill and gossip at the same time.

Sketching – Two helpful books for beginners are; “Animal Sketching for Beginners” and “Figure Sketching for Beginners” by Len A. Doust. They are simple to follow and the techniques are easy to apply right away. I love to sketch but I am terrible at it. I do it anyway because it relieves stress; I have fun with my friends and laugh out loud at my meager drawings. It is all about enjoyment, not skill.

Origami (Japanese term for to fold paper) – Martha Stewart made this craft popular for decorating. You only need strong paper and four basic folds (kite base, fish base, bird base, and the frog base) to begin designing. A great book for this craft is; “Absolute Beginner’s Origami” by Nick Robinson. You can show friends how to create three dimensional figures of abstract shapes, animals or people.

These art forms are fairly simple once you take the time to learn a few basics. Your guests can leave with something in hand to remember the event by. Some hosts use these activities as party themes all by themselves, while others offer them as an additional attraction while spending time at the gathering. In such a case the learning guides and materials can be laid out on a table for guests to tinker with if they wish. Use discretion when using this suggestion. Only certain party goers may be interested in this sort of thing. More casual events usually get the best results.


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