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Our cars and our bodies have many similarities; both need a continuous supply of fuel and appropriate maintenance in order to run to the best of their abilities. Ironically enough, the excuses as to why we cannot take care of our vehicles or ourselves properly happen to be very similar. The typical statements remain, “I don’t have enough time”, “It’s too expensive”, “I’ll do it next week”.

Forget the excuses! Graff Bay City is here to help by providing you with your very own Personal Health Guide. This guide is a great starting point to making your health a priority. Enclosed you will find information about why it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as some easy tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your everyday routine.


Developing a healthy lifestyle can’t be done over night; focus on making small, positive changes each day!

Living a healthy lifestyle can be done with virtually no effort. It just takes some time and practice. Changing your health behaviors should not be done drastically. Break up your health goals into smaller goals and we guarantee you will see more success. All it takes is a few minor changes each day and soon you will be able to make positive, health conscious decisions without having to think twice.

There are dozens of ways we can enhance the quality of our lives. Slight changes as simple as making the choice to go to bed an hour earlier, to move a little more each day, and to fuel our bodies with the right nutrients can have a major impact on how we feel and perform.

Fuel sleep

Rest Your Body

Sleep is an extremely important factor to your health! Not only does it allow you to wake up with energy, but it also improves your memory, helps you learn something new, curbs inflammation in the body, helps you focus attention, lowers your stress, helps you maintain a healthy weight, and so much more. Sleep isn’t quite the miracle drug, but it can immediately improve your well being. Just be aware, oversleeping can have negative effects too. For most adults 7-9 hours of sleep is ideal.


For a restful slumber, avoid caffeine, alcohol, and other sleep interfering chemicals at least four hours before bedtime. Blue light from your electronics is also known to mess with your body’s natural circadian rhythm, so try to refrain from using electronics an hour before bedtime. Taking a bath or warm shower can help the body calm down and get ready for bed, while other relaxing activities like reading or meditating might help others wind down. Find what works best for you and stick with that routine! Your body works best on a schedule!

Fuel cleanse

Cleanse Your Body

Ridding our bodies of toxins is vital so that we are able to properly absorb the nutrients and healing properties that we seek from our food; however doing a full “cleanse” or “detox” isn’t necessary. Our bodies are built to rid of toxins naturally, so supporting the body with good, natural foods and drinks does the job! Clogging our systems with food that contains preservatives and added chemicals prevents our organs from functioning to the best of their abilities. Remember, making small changes is where you’ll succeed! Overhauling your diet and lifestyle all at once can lead to burn-out, and your body might have a hard time making a drastic switch.


Cleansing your body doesn’t have to be complicated! Consuming natural foods and drinks and avoiding things like alcohol, processed foods, and chemical and sugar-laden items, is enough to rid our bodies of hurtful toxins. Try switching one processed food you eat per day for a healthy natural option, like having an apple and natural peanut butter instead of cereal in the morning. Making sure you’re getting enough of each food group is important, too. You can sustain a plentiful amount of protein through a plant-based diet, so do what’s best and easiest for you! One of our favorite feel-good recipes is adding nutrient-packed vegetables and fruits to our water. Check out our Slim Down Detox Water recipe below!

Fuel move your body

Move Your Body Every Day

Did you know on average Americans spend about 46 minutes driving in the car per day? All the sitting time accumulated at work, in the car, and at home lounging can take a toll on your body. Getting up and moving is imperative to good blood flow, good mood, and your overall health. By utilizing our muscles and bones daily, we can reap both physical and mental benefits that enhance the quality of our lives. Again starting with a full-out intense workout isn’t necessary. All it takes to reap the benefits are small changes.


Throughout the day we may find ourselves in situations where sitting is needed, like meetings, or driving in the car, but we can combat that sitting time with intermittent movement. Research suggests getting up and walking for 2 minutes every hour can offset the negative effects from prolonged sitting. You can incorporate this idea little by little into your routine. Simply moving more throughout your day is as simple as doing a set of jumping jacks during a television commercial, parking the car further away from the store or your office, or stretching while your coffee brews in the morning. Find your own way of moving more throughout the day!


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