Entertainment & Activities on a Traditional British Holiday


If you have been on a British holiday in the past, and stayed in the camps and parks with live comedy acts, cover bands, children’s stage shows and arcade fun that you have had. What’s more the evening entertainment at the British holiday parks always live long in the memory.

A recent trip took me around the UK and I happened to stay over in Northumberland and an ideally located caravan park that was there. The UK holiday park had all the facilities you could need from Wi-Fi connection to practically round the clock entertainment and activities you could need. Whilst I was there I walked along stretches of Hadrian’s Wall and seen the immense and awe inspiring scenery and countryside that Corbridge had to offer. Imagine now being back in your caravan or chalet and preparing for some evening entertainment as the atmosphere in the British holiday park has escalated and another fantastic night is to be had for all.

From karaoke sing songs to stage acts, relax on your own or with your family to classic tunes and unwind in a wonderful atmosphere that will live long in your memories. If that doesn’t take your fancy then the comedy sketch and magic shows for all the family may tickle your fancy, in the past musical acts such as Chico and Blue have toured in the UK holiday parks.

The holiday camps and parks in the UK are seen by many as a stepping stone on to greater things within the entertainment industry, some have made the big leap to superstardom, such as Cliff Richard who used to be a redcoat and Ted Rogers.

The pantomimes and shows that entertain children during the day mean that even the most energetic or chilled out of children will have something that will appeal to them from heated pools to basketball.
British holidays are constructed around a central theme of activities and entertainment, which is a fundamental part of what they are all about and why many different people who come to the UK do not fully understand the great British tradition of holiday parks.


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