5 Entertaining Activities to Help You Boost Memory


Do you think you still have enough space in your memory to keep all the important remembrance? Do you think it’s well saved there? Or you’ve started to forget things?

Don’t. Do all it takes to boost your memory, to keep the available space or even to augment it.

It needs no drug, no herb. All you need is to choose one or even all of these fun activities below:

o Read Anything

Reading is one of the great mental exercises that can boost your memory.

It requires a good deal of concentration which is essential to memory function. By taking a few minutes out of each day to read you are stimulating your memory in a very positive way.

Not only it’s effortless and helps you boost your memory, it also boosts your knowledge database.

o Play Cards

Any kind of card games such as bridge, poker, heart, solitaire, etc. Not only you can play the games with your friends, but you can also play them on the computer. So, don’t tell me you can’t find anyone to play with.

Some games involve watching the cards closely and recognizing which cards have already been dealt and played. It is a great exercise for your brain, not to mention that it’s also a great way to strength concentration skills.

o Learn New Languages
While learning new languages, you learn each new word. It means that you are committing it to your memory. It’s a simple great way to not only learn something new and interesting but also to boost your memory.

o Play or Sing a Song

Either you play or sing a song, you can get yourself boost memory.

By playing certain instruments, you learn how to read music or recalling the sequence of notes. And, you try to sound it out until it seems perfect.

The same principle goes when you sing a song. You capture the melody and lyric and keep them in your memory. Then, you call them up without thinking as you sing.

Each time you play or sing a song, you are exercising your brain and boosting your memory.

o Cook

Why cooking? Because it can cure memory loss. How?

Cooking involves reading a recipe, gathering the ingredients and following the directions.

Try a new dish. Something completely new so that you need a recipe book. Follow all the steps in the book whilst making the new dish. Try to memorize a bit.

The second time you try the dish, keep the book open somewhere, a bit far from where you make the dish. You can use the book only to check out if you have prepared the correct ingredients, or do the steps precisely.

The third time, keep the book ever out of your reach. If you really get stuck, you can open it and take a look. But, only if you get stuck!


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